Making Moves

Making Moves with Triangle MoveHome Mortgage, LLC

September 22, 2021 The Rachel Kendall Team Season 1 Episode 12
Making Moves
Making Moves with Triangle MoveHome Mortgage, LLC
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Getting pre-approved for a home loan can be daunting. Did you know that our team has your back with in-house lenders?  We sit down with Steven Ross, Mortgage Banker with Triangle MoveHome Mortgage. 

*Make sure to stick around until the end to learn about McKenzie and Steven's top restaurants to visit in the Triangle.

In this episode, we will highlight :

  1. How our team works with our preferred lenders to help you buy your next home.
  2.  Our relationship with Triangle MoveHome Mortgage, LLC
  3. Interest rates
  4. The best time to purchase a home
  5. The Rachel Kendall Team promise to guide you through the process of buying a home and getting you to the closing table seamlessly.
  6. Top restaurants in the Triangle

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Hey Triangle lovers! Welcome to Making Moves hosted by The Rachel Kendall Team, where we will explore together the top restaurants, community hotspots and events in our area. Let's make some moves. Hey, this is McKenzie Stamper, Broker with The Rachel Kendall Real Estate Team. And I want to welcome you to another week's episode of Making Moves. I am here today with Steven Ross with Triangle MoveHome Mortgage. And we're gonna chat about our relationship at work and how we can help buyers together as a team. Go ahead, Steven, introduce yourself. Good morning. How are we doing today? Now I'm excited to be doing this for a lot of great things about Making Moves. So I'm ready to be part of it. Yeah, yeah, we're excited. So let's just start with how we met. How do we meet here at The Rachel Kendall Team. So we met, it was probably my first couple weeks here, I was pretty fresh to the team as an inside or in house lender, McKenzie gave me an opportunity to win a tough deal that she was having trouble with, with some other lenders. And she gave me an opportunity not knowing who I was or what I could do, but turned out to be a great deal. And we saved a family and been the dream team ever since. Yeah, we have. So um, yeah, back to that I basically, we had lenders really turning us down left and right for this family and Triangle MoveHome Mortgage was a newer company that I thought, you know, might have a little bit more flexibility. And then Steven came into our office and you know, made an introduction. And I knew that, you know, he might be a good fit for this family to see if we can help them. So it was really cool, because, you know, this was really their last kind of ditch effort in finding a home before they had to sign a new lease. So yeah, it was an incredible experience to have is one of your first few deals here. I was definitely a little nervous, joining a brand new team. And this was a new company, and I was the only lender. So coming on The Rachel Kendall Team, I really hadn't had the opportunity to work with anybody yet. So it was pretty, pretty exciting to have such a great first experience. Yeah, it was great. And ever since then, we've been working together on probably the majority of the families that I've been able to help. So you've been great. And it's just been a great experience. As far as really creating a partnership with a lender. I mean, lenders come and go all the time in the real estate industry in business. And they're a dime a dozen these days. But when you really find you know, someone that you click with, and that you know, has the same type of style as far as working with families and being able to talk to them and create real relationships. That's kind of what I was looking for. And Steven just really fit that that mold that I needed for my clients. So yeah, we'll Triangle MoveHome has given me that opportunity, especially with The Rachel Kendall Team. So McKenzie, and I just fit well, when we had that one success, opportunity, and ever since then, it's just been working. But it's it's nice to have my roots with the team that allows me to have many experiences like that. And without McKenzie's help, I probably wouldn't have been as successful as I am now. That's right, Steven, you wouldn't have no just kidding. very appreciative. No, so we got pretty lucky with the COVID pandemic hitting right after he started. That was a curveball. Sure. It was tough. There was, you know, some families that you know, got a little nervous and there there were definitely some changes. You want to chat a little bit. Yeah, I mean, a pandemic hit us on so many different angles, right? Real Estate, lending, at home, at school with our children, right, everything that you can imagine. But real estate it definitely it hit us hard. It hit us hard on the lending side, good and bad, right? We took our rates pretty much as low as they've ever been. So the opportunity just grew for everyone to purchase a home. I'll let you talk about as far as what it looked like on your side trying to show homes during a pandemic. But I know for me the the lending became more difficult as rates dropped, right? We they started bringing out you know, what we call overlays where things got a little bit more difficult. So we had to educate our buyers and luckily working with a good agent like McKenzie, she kind of helped me tag team our borrowers. So they weren't affected as much as as everyone else during that time. And we made the experience, you know, great. Yeah, yeah. We gained a lot of friendships during that time with our clients because there was so much trust involved that they had to kind of put into us because, you know, as a real estate agent, even a lender, you can kind of become very quickly a therapist, someone that's you know, talking to you off the ledge and really making you feel comfortable. about moving forward, and I've been helped Steven and his purchase right before the pandemic is gonna be my next conversation piece. Yeah, we bought a house during the pandemic. We were nervous. We didn't know how to do it as far as by during that time. And, and to be honest, I definitely couldn't have done it without McKenzie's help. So we, we found our home and you know, we have been very happy there. So it's been great. And even with the amount of home price increases in the last year, and like, thank God, you moved forward when you did, because, you know, there are a lot of people that kind of question should I even be buying right now? Is this a good time, and, you know, all of our clients that we helped that did keep coming back, saying, Thank God, we just went for it. And we really did, you know, move forward, because now with the price increases, that they wouldn't have even been able to afford the homes that they did actually get into. So yeah, it's been, it's been an interesting year, for sure, especially the last few months. But yeah, we were excited to buy last year, and we definitely got lucky. But between McKenzie and I, you know, we're continuing to, to make the experience good. And even though these houses are overpriced, and, you know, they're gonna be borrowing more money than they expected to, but we are, you know, as a team, we're making it smooth, and, you know, they're finding homes, and we're closing the loan form. Right, right. And as far as them being overpriced, really, the prices are kind of going towards what the prices are in the rest of the country, right. So we're just kind of soaring towards that level. But I mean, Raleigh, still, in general, is much, much more affordable than anywhere else. And that's why we have so many people coming from all over the country relocating here, because they're trying to take advantage of these low prices, while they're at where they're at. So we are in a great area, a very rapidly growing area. And we're really lucky to be continuing to help so many families, especially in such a crazy time, there's you know, we didn't know where this pandemic was going to take us with real estate, we're hoping that it would continue strong. And I mean, our seller's market has the strongest it's ever been. So we're really fortunate to be in this industry. And yeah, I mean, it's this year, these past two years. I mean, it's, it's been a growing experience, trying to come on as a broker and also, you know, join a new team, but it's thrive. You know, being a lender with Rachel Kendall team has been the best experience of my life. And it's, you know, we are doing more business than we've been I've ever done. McKenzie can probably say the same thing. But it's been it's been such a great year. Yeah, it really has. So let's, um, let's kind of hone in on how we create these relationships with with our clients together, right from the get go. Because I think that's important for, you know, future clients to see how, you know, we actually care and we sit down and want to make sure that they're comfortable and know everything that's going to be coming along the way in the process. So typically, we will come into The Rachel Kendall Team office, we'll sit down, we've brought doughnuts before we've had, we've had a grand old time, but we really just kind of go over both sides, both, you know, the purchasing side, everything that they would need to know about buying a home, and how that relates to the financing side and basically setting the expectation of who is going to be your main point of contact for what part of the transaction it's going to be in. Obviously, I'm the one finding houses and looking in the real estate market. So when my clients you know, asked me about any financing questions, I'm like, you go to Steve and ask him for money, man, not me. So I can tell you what you're getting with both of us, right? And I noticed this in all of our buyer meetings, is we both care right? We're caring people we care about your experience we care about closing the loan we care about finding you the right house right so that's that's one thing that I think that's been working for us really well as you know, we take it home with us we you know, we want it to succeed and and we're not going to stop until does and it shows in our buyer appointments and I think that's why we have so many buyers that enjoy working with us is you know, we treat everybody like friends First of all, we don't treat anything like a client or like a borrower. You know, everything is built through our cell phone, right? We're texting we're calling you know, we have fun with everybody we all have our joint texts are hilarious. You know, we're no judgement zone is what I like to call it. So we, we have full conversations and we get to know everybody in their families. So it's been a lot of fun. Yeah. And it's funny, you know, my kids birthday parties and, you know, any events that I hold at my house, Steven shows, I'm always running into borrowers. He's like, Are these all of our clients is that all your friends? Yeah. But really, we do make some really amazing relationships with our, you know, clients that quickly turn into friends. And it's, you know, we're just a big bucket of love that we just continue to fill up and really enjoy, where clients turn friends. So you know, it's a lot of fun to when you, when you get clients that turn into friends, it really makes the experience and just more fun, right? It makes you love your job. You know, just as an example, you know, McKenzie and I had some really fun borrowers and my wife ran into them at a concert. And guess what I got, I got a picture of them with my wife at the concert, it was amazing to see that and I got the selfie too. Yeah. So it's been, you know, it's been a lot of fun. And it's exciting when they, when they enjoy it and become friends. And a lot of the people that we do help, they're kind of in the same walk of life as we are. We both have, you know, families, young kids, similar age kids, and, you know, it's just an extra bonus when they do too, because then we get to, you know, have little play dates. And it's great. It really is, and it takes the work out of the profession, because it really is about you know, having fun and, and really like enjoying what we're doing every day, it doesn't feel like work. I mean, buying a house is probably one of the biggest things you'll ever do in your life, right? If it's not fun or exciting, and it's just a stressful experience, you know, it could destroy one of the most memorable things you'll ever do. So that thing, that's why we really try hard to, you know, to work as the Dream Team and make the experience the best thing you've ever done. And you know, it's been working. And finding those partnerships in this business is, you know, crucial. It's very rare, but I feel like it is very important because your clients able to feel that you know, that bond that you have with someone that you've created that you work with, and anyone that you pull into the transaction, whether it's an inspector, or an attorney, you know, we really create those relationships with everyone involved. And we want our clients to feel that too. Absolutely. And as a lender, you know, there's nothing better than having a real estate agent give you their entire trust, as far as getting, you know, getting a loan done with no, no issues. And if there is, you know, for us to overcome it and not make it a bad experience. Maybe it goes a long way. And it's you know, I'm grateful for McKenzie and the trust she gives me definitely, and even you know, when we're in this market, you know, it's crazy for buyers right now, it's it's very difficult. So often times I'll bring in Steven and say, Hey, I need your help even just, you know, getting this home under contract, I need you to reach out to the listing agent and gives him confidence about you know, these awesome buyers that we have. So he's great and has been so willing to kind of jump in and call these listing agents and just, you know, create more relationships even with the other side, because we want to at the end of the day, we're all working towards the same goal, the closing table, right and getting this family into the home that they love. So just being able to reach out and and have that help is is huge in this market really is. Yeah, I mean, I've learned a lot calling the listing agents, right. It's, I'm glad that we're doing it, I think we've won a lot of deals doing that as far as educating, you know, the loan and educating the sellers to make sure they understand how good of a buyer we had. And they know the team that me and McKenzie are, you know, I talk a lot about McKenzie, when I make that call as well. So if they know that they have a realtor and a lender that works so closely together, you know, why would they not want to work with us and make this a great experience for our buyer? Right? Yeah, we just did one the other night for me. And guess what, we won one deal at a 10 offers. So it's just really it's great. And yeah, I'm really thankful for you, Steven, for coming to our team and really dive in. Right in I know, it wasn't easy. I know, you're kind of creating a role that you've never really kind of done before. But you did a great job. And we're really happy. Yeah, I mean, this team has helped me create that role. So that's why I'm so fortunate, especially with you, I mean, you've you've definitely helped mold a lot of the new agents to understand trying to move home and understand what we can do for them, which has been really helpful. A lot of the team has done that, for me, many agents here have taken me under and you know, I've shown what we can do as a partner. And it really has been a lot of fun. Yeah, and it's not always about winning the deal. Sometimes you're there to just kind of you know, have a client pick their brain, and there's been multiple times that you've said, Hey, you know, this would be a better option for you, I'd love to help you. But yeah, the end of the day, you know, being a resource is more important than being a loan officer, right? It's, I love to I would love to win the deal. You know, we always want to work together. We got to think about the book The buyer first right and make sure that they're getting the best deal. So if I'm the resource and not the lender, either way, McKenzie and I are going to be working together on it. And so yeah, I appreciate you, Steven, and we're so happy to have you here. Yeah, thanks for letting me join. Yes, of course. And I mean, it wasn't my decision, but I'm glad that they did bring you on. So anyway, well, we will continue to partner and if anyone out there is looking to buy or sell a home. I would love to help you and I know, Steven would love to too. Absolutely whatever we can do to help. Thanks, Stephen. You got it. Thanks. So now to the real stuff. We want to talk about top five best places for food and drink. Let's do it. Are you ready? Yeah, we're good at that. All right. Let's start with wings. Wings. Go ahead. All right. I got to put Lynnwood Grill out there. That's a solid wing. They are so good Raspberry Raspberry habanero. Raspberry hab is what we call it. McKenzie and I can tear those up. Mango hab is good, but honestly after trying mango, and then going back to rasp...rasp all day. I think it's onpoint every time. I've never had a bad experience with it. It's great. It really is. You know who else has really good wings? The Saints and Scholars Saints and Scholars. So that's like an old school way. Right? That's just you're just getting your your classic buffalo on some chicken. They're fried mushrooms are amazing. Fried mushrooms are good. We're gonna talk about other food. We got to talk about the Kreutz. Oh, wait back to Lynnwood. Yeah, that is So, Lynwood has a crouton appetizer. It's probably one of the greatest things I've ever had in my life. It's what, $1.99? $1.50 and all it is is ginormous croutons in marinara. I know, I go in there and I just order like five orders of it. Especially if I have my kids. They will eat that all day. Yeah, it's amazing. It's like a little squishy. It's a perfect little happy hour. time. Yep, it's a soft one. It's amazing. What you got for tacos. Tacos. You go first. I mean, you can't go wrong with Flying Burrito. Those are good. The Outer Banks taco. It's like a fried fish. I do like Flying Burrito. Right next to Lynnwood. You can walk over have some Kreutz and wings and walk over and taco. W e clearly go to the same three spots but just walk back and forth across the street. Those are good. You know what also is good? That just popped in my head. Chubbies Tacos. I have not been Chubbies in a long time. They're really good. I need to do it again. There's one right by my house too. Yeah, you should should try it out. Are they still there and wait for us? They are they there's one right there off Rogers in the Publix shopping center. Chick-Fil-A and Publix? Yep. Oh, speaking of Publix. I will say Publix has the best sub. Pub subs are on...they're on point. Chicken fingers. Finger sub I do. Uh huh. You didn't believe me? You were trying to say like Jimmy John's or whatever it is. and Jimmy John's not think I've been to Jimmy John's once in my life. Okay, what were you saying? Once again? jersey. Mike's jersey. Mike's that's what it is? Yeah, well, some jersey Mike's. No public sub all day long. They're huge. They're delicious. Like 40 chicken tenders. That's enough for five people but I can eat a whole one. But anyway, um, that's a good sub. Next, best hot dog. 123. Fresh. Sure all day long. I could sit at the cardinal for eight hours and rave about those. They're so they're so good. They're so good. All right. What do you get on your Cardinal hot duck? Um, you know, I'm a chili guy. I love the chili. chili cheese or chili mustard. Can't go wrong. I love the jalapenos on it. Yeah. What do you got? I got on the hot dog. jalapenos slot which I don't even like slob but their slot is there smells good. I'm not on the hot dog guy. It was really good Spa siracha. ketchup and mustard. It is literally like the holy grail of all hot dog. toppings. It just works. It just works. You know what I think I'm gonna go do today. I think I'm gonna go to the cardinal. Alright, I'm coming. Talk about beverages. beverages. All right. So Mackenzie is a margarita girl. I love Yeah, I do. I love a good Margarita. Trying to be healthy and drink only on the weekends moving for the next 30 days. It originally was going to be no drinks for 30 days, but it turned into no drinks Monday through Friday. Yeah. 30 days it works. Yeah. And maybe I'll continue it. But either way, just in case everyone wanted to know. We're all curious, actually. Who's got the best Margarita in your eyes? I mean, you're pretty good at margaritas. I will say fine burritos great. However, I love bar tacos. Mark marks like bar tacos are really good Margarita. It's it's like A skinny Margarita but it's the bartack I like it because they put them in the rocks glasses too. Yeah, those are good. I'm not a fan of the big, floaty. margarita glass. Yeah. Yeah, I like just classic rocks glass with tequila and sour mix. Now, they don't even use sour mix. They use like a gavai and fresh out a skinny Margarita. Not so good. I'm fine burrito. They got a great Vibrio. They have a lot, right if you want to flavored Margarita, too. Yeah, they're big. It's like a one and dinner. But they'll give you the half sugar half salt remedy. You want to get boozy. Hey, do I get a little busy with it? Yeah. But um, let's see. Best. Is there any other drinks? Um, I mean, I'm a I'm an IPA guy. Yeah. But you know, there's there's a lot of when we've got some good IPAs. There's a lot of places I can name for that. Yeah, go ahead. So I'm a Wake Forest guy. Yeah. Right. So Mackenzie found my beautiful home out there. Yes. So we do a lot of breweries in that area. So some really good IPAs, white street downtown breweries. One of my faves. I like that place. Downtown Wake Forest has changed a ton. There's actually a lot of good places to eat and drink down there. There is they're even there. They have that wine bar. The rooftop wine wine. Wine is really cool. That Mexican restaurant is awesome. There to underground. You know that's a good Margarita. Yes. That's cool atmosphere. Good mark. Yeah, I haven't had in a while. You know what, I did go there with some clients after we found their home one time. Yeah, yep. After they signed paperwork not before. Yeah. And, and no, it was awesome. Like, you know, fun, fun time. It's a fun downtown. You know, it's small. But it's it's got a lot. It's got a lot of culture and, you know, Norse Brewery is down there too. We love their food. And I just found out about Bud's Tavern. Bud's Tavern is classic. If you want a good PBR, go to Bud's Tavern. It's a biker bar, but it's definitely a gem. You want to play some darts. There you go. Bud's is the spot. Is there anywhere else? Um, I'm trying to think like as far as Raleigh goes, Raleigh's got I mean, so many good places. I love wine too. So we're gonna do why and we got to talk about what's the wine place in LaFayette. Oh my god. What is that? Shoot. That's our favorite. I know. At least my favorite place I love that place is great. Their wine selections incredible. So Driftwood Cantina. The marg . Driftwood's go a great marg. we have some delicious queso. A great case up it's like the chili carne queso. They put beef in it. You can't beat it. Like chorizo or something. It's so good. Whatever it is. It's bomb. What's the name of that wine spot? It's It's great. It's been there forever. You know what? I buy the amount of wine I buy from that place. I will recommend my favorite wine Portofino, not Portofino. That's the... Vinos Finos. There you go. No Vinos Finos is one of my favorite wines spots. Yeah, we can remember the names are amazing. And I will say if you like Cabernet, Quest is an incredible, very affordable Cabernet. It's from Pasa Robles. It's made by the same winery that makes Oh God, what's it called? Oh, Austin Hope? Oh, yeah, it's good one. So Austin, hope you go to a grocery store. I've only found in fresh market really, but Austin hope it's like 80 bucks a bottle. You go to Costco, you can get that for 45. And Costco just does it all. When I went to Vinos Finos. They told me about this quest that's made by Austin. Hope. Well, it's only $25 a bottle over there. tastes just as good. It's amazing. Yep, we tried it. I loved it. I was hooked really good. So Awesome. Cool. It's been a lot of fun. Yeah, cool. These are our favorite places. Go check them out. Make sure you get the croutons. for Episode Two on more favorite places. Sounds good. back. Thanks. Thank you for joining us on this episode of Making Moves. We want to deliver the highlights of the Triangle that you want to hear. Let us know your feedback, comment on our social media like and of course subscribe to continue and discover why we love where we live until next time with Making Moves hosted by The Rachel Kendall Team.

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